What are Chakras?

ChakrasChakras are energy centres. There are seven main chakras - the harmonious use of each chakra is essential to our well being, and our wholeness. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel' 'circle' or 'lotus.' Each of the seven main chakras is located near major endocrine organs in the physical body, that is, they are connected to the functioning of the endocrine (hormonal) system in the body. They form etheric organs in the aura, being responsible for processing the spiritual energy into usable energy for the physical body. (i.e., "stepping down' the energy from very high fine vibrations to lower vibrations that can be used by the physical body).

Violet ChakraWe will look at each chakra in turn. You will discover which ones in you need the most work or cleansing, how they work, and what you need in order to become more in a state of balance. They are fundamental to healing, so you will have a better understanding of the illnesses or states of imbalance that manifest in your life.

Imbalances need to be corrected at the deepest, essential level by yourself; (self-healing is the most empowering and the most deeply trans formative). It can help to consult others for healing or chakra balancing for example, but if you do not change the underlying pattern that caused the dysfunction in the first place then the chakra will go out of balance again.


Chakra System

Indigo ChakraThe word "chakra" translated from Indian Sanskrit means "Wheel of Spinning Energy". Chakras are powerful energy centers, which control the endocrine system. The endocrine or hormonal system regulates all of the body's functions, including the immune system and the aging process.

Our bodies contain seven major chakras and 122 minor chakras. Each major chakra is associated with a different colors, sound, and elements.

The seven major chakras are located at the starting at the base of the spine (Root Chakra - red), just below the navel (Sacral Chakra - orange), above the navel (Solar Plexus Chakra - yellow), the center of the chest (Heart Chakra - green), the throat (Throat Chakra - blue), at the centre of the forehead (Brow or Third Eye Chakra - indigo), and at the top of the head (Crown Chakra - violet). These chakras are are linked together and function within all energy systems in the body and various layers of the auras.

Blue ChakraMaintaining the proper rotational speed of each chakra is the key to vibrant health, rejuvenation and youthfulness. The chakras must also be cleared of negative energy and maintained in perfect shape and alignment.

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Chakra Sound Essences

Who Created The Chakra Sound Essences

Green ChakraEvelyn enjoys the life of the Sunny Okanagan, home of the legendary lake creature the OGOPOGO. Evelyn Mulders, author of Vibrational Healing with the Chakra Sound Essences and founder of the Chakra Sound Essences believes in the simplicity of health. Herbalist, Reflexologist, Specialized Kinesiologist and Workshop Facilitator, Evelyn is a mother first. She knows the importance of being empowered to keep a healthy and balanced family. Her wonder at the healing effects of sound inspired her quest to capture these healing vibrations and make them accessible and practical for all. Watching children at home ward off the symptoms of a cold by simply misting themselves with the sound essence mister gives Evelyn the satisfaction of knowing that vibrational healing does take place in daily routines.


What are the Chakra Sound Essences?

Yellow ChakraThe Chakra Sound Essences are essences that have been charged with the energy wave of sound. Each essence holds a whole note. Each whole note resonates with a chakra energy centre. The Sound essences are chakra specific. Once the vibration of sound structures the essence, inherently the frequency of color has also been imprinted. This then serves as a macerate for the rose quartz crystal and the chakra specific gemstone and is called an elixir. These elixirs are then used to produce the chakra mist, chakra personal and practitioner oils, and the chakra personal use essences. The labeling of the essences also offers the significance of harmony; the ancient chakra symbol has deep healing capacity in our subconscious, as do the positive affirming words. The Chakra Sound Essences are vibrational remedies that offer the body the healing value of Sound, Color, Gems and Crystals, Affirmations, Symbols, and in some products, Aroma.


Why would we use Chakra Sound Essences

Orange ChakraTo understand the value of Vibrational Therapy, one must first accept that our bodies vibrate and so does everything else on this planet including sickness and disease. The secret of staying healthy is to keep our body's vibrations higher than that of sickness and disease. If through stress or unhealthy lifestyle choices, we lower our vibration to match that of a certain sickness or disease, our body will indeed take on this imbalance. We know what to feed our body such as chicken soup in times of sickness and we know what herbs and vitamins such as Echinacea and vitamin C to counteract a cold but most of us have yet come to recognize the importance of also feeding our energy bodies which include the seven bands of the aura, the seven major charkas, and the fourteen main meridians. These energy bodies serve as netting that encapsulates us like the membrane of an eggshell and act as our filter. If there is an imbalance in this netting because of an emotional or spiritual conflict, the shield will deteriorate and mirror this imbalance on the physical body and develop what we know as sickness or disease. The Sickness or disease first occurs in our energy body and if the energy body lacks vibrational nutrition, this sickness or disease will manifest itself in the physical body and we come to know it as heart disease, liver congestion, nervous disorders, allergies, etc. It is therefore pertinent that we feed this shield and nourish it so it can support us. This leads us to focus the healing on the first line of defense, our first energy system being the auric field. Just as a balanced diet nourishes our physical body, Sound, Color, Gems and Crystals, Affirmations, symbols and Aroma nourish our energy systems: the auric field, charkas and meridians.


When would we use Chakra Sound Essences?

Red ChakraWhen we are not feeling well and this can be just low in energy, stress or feeling irritable. The fact that you are stressed indicates that your electrical circuitry has been overloaded. The Chakra Sound Essences help to reconnect and stabilize the weakened electrical area while the body goes through the necessary healing process.

When you are injured or hurt as with bruises, sprains and swelling. An injury is an insult on every level of our being. The essences promote the recovery and recuperation process.

When you have a headache or a heavy feeling in the head. A headache is an indication and a message from the body that something is not balanced. The essences bring energy back into the system to allow the body to regenerate.

Chakra Sound Essence BottlesWhen there is a change in your life. Changes such as a job change or change in relationships. Change like a newborn coming home or a teenager leaving home. Good or bad changes can charge our emotional field and overload the circuits emotionally. The sound essences help stabilize the circuitry and hence stabilize emotions through lines of transition.

When faced with challenges such as a job interview, court case, important meeting, big exam, presentation, a contest or sporting competition. Vibrational Therapy such as the Chakra Sound essences will support the body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

When going through therapeutic sessions where you are working on yourself for the purpose of making positive change, gaining understanding, or improving your life on some level. Therapeutic sessions by design stir the body physically and emotionally to effect change. The Chakra sound essences continue to support the process after the therapy session when used as homework. Use of vibrational remedies as homework benefits both the client and practitioner as the client will continue to benefit from the effects of the balance.


How to use the Chakra Essences:

Personal Essences

Chakra Sound Essence Bottles
  • Drops under the tongue
  • Drops in juice or water
  • Drops in the tub
  • Drops on the fingers and touch chakra location or meridian points
  • Drops on fingers and hold in auric field in the area of discomfort


Chakra Sound Essence Bottle  Chakra Sound Essence Book
  • Mist the air and walk through the mist
  • Mist the body
  • Mist the chakra location

Personal Oils

  • Apply directly on the skin
  • Apply directly on the chakra location or meridian points
  • Drops in the tub

Chakra Sound Essence - AurajoyAura-Joy is the leading edge remedy that embraces the principles of vibrational medicine. Vibrational medicine is based on the principle that all illness, disease, or imbalance is characterized by blockage in the channels on some level; either the chakras, meridians, arteries, veins or nerves. When there is a blockage in a channel the related system or organ no longer vibrates at a healthy frequency, which then causes discomfort or sickness. Vibrational medicine restores the healthy vibration to the etheric body allowing the physical body to rebalance itself.

Aura-Joy is unique vibrational therapy in that it carries the healing power of sound. Aura- Joy holds the imprint of twelve notes, the seven whole notes that correspond to the seven main charkas and the five semitones that serve as vibrational bridges for the whole notes.

Aura-Joy is a full spectrum vibrational medicine restoring balance to the body as it embraces the seven aspects of healing vibration found in Sound, Color, Aroma, Crystals and Gems, ancient Symbols, Sacred Geometry and Positive Word Affirmations. When these seven aspects of vibrational healing are harnessed together and brought into our lives through Aura- Joy, they bring joy, vitality, balance and a renewed zest for life.

To order the Chakra Sound Essences products, please call: 250.743.8122

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