Infrared Products

MPS Jade Roller - Infrared Massage Bed

The benefits of far-infrared, acupressure and massage all in one!

Our ergonomically designed 180 degree-shaped capsule style beds restore vitality throughout your body. Jade stone rollers massage beginning at your neck to the bottom of your lower back following the spinal curve and targeting each acupressure point and meridian. Far-infrared heat coming from the jade rollers enables the spine to regain its flexibility. Your head remains outside of the capsule allowing you to enjoy breathing the cool air. The main mattress delivers the most advanced automatic spinal massage. Washing away aches and pains, it stimulates the lymphatic system and improves circulation. The sub mattress delivers a relaxing massage on your lower leg muscles and the far-infrared dome is a whole body treatment that warms your core, while increasing the energy level of every part of your body.

The user can open and close the capsule and perform every function of the unit conveniently while lying down underneath. It is designed for simple operation.

The continuous use of the MPS capsule results in improved alignment of your spinal curve and better signaling throughout the nervous system. You will have a healthier body, looking better than ever with straighter and taller posture.

We have a number of professional athletes, medical doctors - oriental medicine and acupuncturists - using this amazing massage bed.