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Platinum Energy SystemsDetoxify, Rebalance and Energize with a Platinum Energy Systems™ Foot Spa

Platinum Energy Systems™ Foot Spas are so popular globally that the manufacturer in England won the "Export of the Year 2004 Award" for this sophisticated technology...

Detox Foot SpaWe are exposed to various sources of pollutants, chemicals and toxins daily, which interfere with the body's ability to work properly. When the toxins accumulate, the body can become overwhelmed and dysfunctional.

Though there are many ways to detoxify the body - none are easier and more pleasant than experiencing a Platinum Energy Systems™ Foot Spa.

This model of Foot Spa represents the most advanced technology available. There is no guess-work involved; it is designed to be user friendly.

This ergonomically designed foot spa is now being introduced to North America for the first time.


The Easiest Way of Rebalancing the Body

We are all exposed to various sources of pollutants, chemicals and toxins on a daily basis. These toxins enter your body in three ways: through the skin, the digestive system, and the lungs. They interfere with your body's ability to work properly. Trauma, stress and modern day diets all disturb your body's natural ability to excrete these toxins.

When the level of toxins exceed your body's ability to eliminate them, they accumulate. This results in your body becoming more stressed, overwhelmed and unable to function properly. The higher the levels of toxins, the lower the body's ability to fight of disease and infection and your energy level drops.

While there are many ways to detoxify your body, none are easier and more pleasant than experiencing a Platinum Energy Systems™ Foot Spa to help restore energy levels and feelings of well-being.

Platinum Energy Systems™ Foot Spas assist in expelling accumulated toxins from the body through the 2000 eccrine sweat glands in each foot.


Why does the water change color?

Foot Bath (before) Foot Bath (after)
Before After

A small amount of sea salt is added to the Foot Spa water to increase its conductivity. Salt, water, metal (the array), and sweat combine to cause the change in color. This is a normal process. The color will vary according to the chemistry found in the water.

Sweat has a color itself due to the toxins/chemicals present. This is seen in "ring around the collar," the waste products that are perspired out and become imbedded in the collar of your shirt!

It is interesting to see the different colors the water changes with different people. While this is a fascinating occurrence, we recommend the attention and focus be placed on what the individual is experiencing internally, as opposed to what is happening externally (in the water).


Why is this Detox Foot Spa™ so unique?

With so many different ways to cleanse your body, why do we recommend this Detox Foot Spa™ so highly?

At Platinum Energy Systems™, we believe in long lasting results. Our Detox Foot Spa™ is remarkable because of the way it works. The patented technology controls all aspects of the detox process. The benefits to you are uncompromised safety and increased results.

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Detox Foot Spa Detox Foot Spa Detox Foot Spa Detox Foot Spa


Why Detoxify Your Body?

Simply by answering "Yes" to any or more of these questions signifies that you are exposed to toxins.

As you can see, toxins are increasingly a part of daily life. These toxins build up over time. When they accumulate in your body, it is because they have not been removed on a regular basis and so they affect your health. That is why regular detoxification is now so important to maintaining good health.

Use the following link to see the type of chemicals that are typically found in people across the country using body burden tests.

How does this process of detoxification work?

There are more sweat glands in your feet per inch than anywhere on your body. The array creates an energetic effect that assists the detoxification process by attracting a positive and negative ion exchange between your feet and the water. The salt increases the conductivity of the water so that the effect can occur. Hence, the color changes seen in the water are related to the ionic exchange occurring.


The Wellness Perspective

Your body knows how to heal itself but it just needs your help to do so.

The cells of your body are the result of thousands of years of evolution. They are the result of millions of cells adapting to internal and external changes in the environment. Your body has cellular intelligence, in other words: body wisdom.

Your current level of wellness is 100% related to advancing this cellular intelligence, not suppressing it. You need to assist your body to stimulate your healing process, your ancient biological survival mechanisms - your body wisdom.

Your body needs your help to enhance and accelerate your healing potential. This enables your cells to function at their best. The healthier your cells are, the higher your life-force is. It is this life-force, your vitality, which is responsible for ultimately rejuvenating and healing your body.

Our bodies send us signals all day long. What is your body telling you?

How did your body feel when you woke up this morning? Did you feel relaxed, refreshed, and energetic? How do you feel now? What is your body telling you, right now?

The way your body feels greatly affects you, your day, and your life. We all want to feel better. We all want to operate at optimal levels, but what can you do about the way you feel right now?

To operate at your best, you need to advance the health of every cell in your body. You need to enhance the healing energy of all systems in your body. You need to employ methods of healing that address your whole body at the cellular level.

The primary requirement to assisting your body is having a clean internal environment. Only then can your cells' intelligence activate to perform their job properly and operate at optimal levels.

Think of a fish aquarium as a living system. There is a direct connection between the health of the fish and the level of purity of the aquarium environment.

Just think: how healthy would the fish be if you never changed the water in the aquarium? The same is true for your internal body. You have to have a clean, healthy environment inside and outside of all of your cells to activate the full healing potential of your body; to enhance your body's wisdom.

The first priority when cleansing your internal body is to use a subtle, non-aggressive method - one that stimulates your body to action in a gentle, gradual manner. If detoxification occurs too quickly, it overwhelms your innate wisdom and biological processes, and can be more harmful than helpful.

The Detox Foot Spa™ by Platinum Energy Systems™ is unique because of how it works, what it does and why it enhances your body's innate intelligence.

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You only get one body in this life!

Your body rebuilds itself every day. Are you optimizing or hindering this innate intelligence?

The Law of Life is that you are either growing or decaying. The choice is yours. What is your body telling you about your current state of health, right now?

Advancing your innate body wisdom to heal itself needs to be #1 in terms of life priorities. You only get onebody this life!

Your body's happiness and vibrancy is your greatest reward. When you feel fabulous, look fabulous and operate at your peak level of effectiveness, it makes a big difference in your own life, and the lives you touch.

We teach you how to maximize your internal health, not through massive overhaul, but rather by fine-tuning your lifestyle choices, in small, easy steps.

How active is your body's healing potential? Can you honestly say you feel you are operating at your best?

You can gain immense insight into how your body is progressing, or not. We teach you and give you tips and tools to better understand how your present level of vitality is so important to accelerate your rejuvenation and healing processes.

You need to stimulate your cellular intelligence. You need to awaken your body wisdom to heal itself so that you can operate in your life - at your best.

Just as with your car, your body needs regular "tune-ups". Your car and your body require regular internal maintenance, in order to function at optimal levels, in order to heal. Through ongoing internal cleansing, you release the daily accumulation of the internal pollution of toxins that are hindering your healing process.

Our clients who use the The Detox Foot Spa™ by Platinum Energy Systems™ regularly tell us that they cannot imagine what their lives were like before. They noticed how, as they began to feel better in their bodies, they seem to just naturally start making more and more healthy lifestyle choices. Just like everyone else, they are exposed to environmental toxins daily. They have come to really appreciate how different they feel now and do not want to regress back to their old way of being.

No matter what you do in life, you require one thing: a healthy body. What are you doing to assist your body today? What are you doing to increase your vital healing energy today?

We find that once you start using our Detox Foot Spa™ on a regular basis, you become more attuned to your body's signals and sensations – its own way of communicating feedback to you. This is vitally important. As you become increasingly aware of how you feel, you will begin to see how diet, exercise, and exposure to toxins affect your daily vitality and long-term health.

This insight and feedback is especially important for the young to learn, early in life. They quickly identify with how over indulgence in a "non-healthy lifestyle" translates into increased toxin levels and degenerative diseases.

Step One: Create a clean, internal environment. You would not expect the fish to thrive, if you never changed the water of the aquarium. Your cells have the same requirement in order to function at all, let alone at their best. Why not use an easy "all gain, no pain" way to cleanse your body?

We believe that the first priority when cleansing your internal body, is to use a subtle, non-aggressive method; one that stimulates your body to action in a gradual, gentle manner. If detoxification occurs too quickly, it overwhelms your innate wisdom and biological processes and can be more harmful than helpful. Back to Top



Array: The Array is the component that is placed in the water during a Detox Foot Spa™ session to distribute electricity, necessary for the electrolysis process to take place.

Electrolysis of Water: Electrolysis of water is the process running electrical current through a metal electrode while it is submerged in water. Salt is added to the water to increase its conductivity. The metal electrode has a positive electrode (anode) and a negative electrode (cathode).

pH: >The degree of acidity or alkalinity of a person is defined on the pH scale. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Anything below 7 is acidic, and anything above 7 is alkaline. The pH of blood is approximately 7.34 – 7.43. The ideal pH level for a person is between 7-7.5. You can test your pH level using pH paper on your saliva or urine.



The Platinum Energy Systems™ Detox Foot Spa™ is the only system of its type. It is designed to be operated with 100% integrity and safety. You are assured of the highest quality control as the computer chip built into the array controls the entire operation. This unique design is completely automated which minimizes human error. The sessions are standardized so that each session has an identical treatment value, whether you are the first or the last person to use the array.


Foot Spa Session

spa lady with water bottleA Platinum Energy Systems™ foot spa experience can be arranged by an appointment at one of our Platinum Energy Centres™. The session lasts about 45 minutes. Your feet are placed in a warm, salt bath with an array placed in the centre of the bath.

Your feet will actually be submerged in the water for 30 minutes. Your only job is to relax and let the process take place. The clear water will change colour.

Come experience a session and see for yourself how different you feel!

Almost every one of our clients has felt better immediately after the first session. Initially, 6–8 sessions are recommended – once or twice a week. This allows your body to purge all the toxins. An ongoing monthly or bi-monthly maintenance program is recommended to ensure toxins do not re-accumulate due to absorption from environmental exposure. The appropriate number of sessions will be determined by your body, your feeling of well-being, and your energy levels.

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The Inforamtion on the Platinum Energy Systems™ Foot Spa has been reproduced with the permission of Platinum Energy Systems (Canada) Inc. To order a Platinum Energy Systems Foot Spa, please call: (250) 743-8122

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